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The vibrant message of UIAA President Frits Vrijlandt for the IUCN World Park Congress from October 2014.

Once a year, the UIAA recognises particularly outstanding projects in mountain protection with the Mountain Protection Award.

All projects submitted are reviewed by the Assessment and Awards Team and visible on the website.

Our Award selection criteria are:

  • Clarity and concreteness of the project goals and objectives
  • Relevance of project for mountain protection and for domain of implementation
  • Clarity, concreteness, and validity of examples presented to support claims.
  • Solidity of project management
  • Impact of expected outcomes
  • Completeness of application

Winners are chosen by the Award Team, which is composed of external experts, UIAA mountain protection delegates and partners.


For a more in detail explanation see our timeframe page.


  • YOU ARE an association or a travel agency
  • YOU WORK in a mountain region
  • YOU ARE ENGAGED in one of the following areas (at least):
    • Conservation of biodiversity – incl. plant & animal species
    • Sustainable energy & resource management
    • Waste management & disposal
    • Adaptation to / mitigation of effects of climate change
    • Culture and education
  • YOU DEVELOP environmentally friendly and innovative adventure activities to inspire visitors
  • YOU COLLABORATE with and support local/regional communities

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