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If you agree with our values and fulfil the requirements please submit your application by filling the form below.
Please take the time to fill all requested information as specified in the application process, incomplete applications will not be considered as part of the MPA platform or Prize Award.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please do not hesitate to contact the MPA staff.

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In half a A4 page (max), present clearly the overall strategic goal, the specific objectives of the project, and any expected or actual outputs of the project.

Summarise in maximum 400 words, giving at least one clear and concrete example of this contribution. If you wish you can add a link or an appendix with more detailed information.

Describe in maximum 400 words, using at least two examples that describe your interaction and collaboration with the local community (e.g. through consultation, meetings, agreements, contracts, collaborative participation, etc.) as well as concrete evidence of stated benefit(s) for the community. Please be as concrete as possible.

Give us the name of the governmental organisation, and/or name + email address of your contact (if applicable).

Describe in maximum 400 words, using at least two examples.

Describe in maximum 400 word how the project is organised (work or implementation plan, milestones and outputs, training of staff (if applicable), financial management, expected time frame for project start and completion, etc ...)

These kinds of actions help mountain visitors (whether private or paying clients) connect more quickly and powerfully to mountains and their people. We therefore strongly encourage our MP Protectors to offer them as a valuable way to "give back" something to the mountain region.
Describe in maximum 400 words, using at least two examples.


You can upload additional documents to your application

  • Annual report (if any)
  • Business plan (if any)
  • Promotional flyers
  • Photos
  • Any other useful documentation

If you can not upload all your documents here, please send them by email.

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Your application will be assessed by the UIAA MPA Assessor Team using the following criteria

  • Clarity and concreteness of the project goals and objectives
  • Relevance of project for mountain protection and for domain of implementation
  • Clarity, concreteness, and validity of examples presented to support claims.
  • Solidity of project management
  • Impact of expected outcomes
  • Completeness of application.

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