How can we preserve and protect our precious mountain ecosystems and cultures in the 21st century?
By promoting responsible mountain tourism and supporting key stakeholders active in mountain protection.

The UIAA Mountain Protection Award is two-fold:

  • It serves as a crowdsourcing platform, whereby showcased initiatives can solicit funds and be promoted through this site as well as through the UIAA federations’ network (
  • It promotes international recognition via its annual Prize award for the best initiative. The Award winner receives a Prize in the form of a cash grant and is invited to present its activities at the UIAA General Assembly.

For more information go to overview, objectives and see our requirements in how does it work.


  • Sharing cultures and traditions with Nepalese local community

    Mountain Delights - Community Social Trek

    August 22nd 2014

    In Nepal, Mountain Delights proposes to trekkers to take part of local community activities and also supports local community by providing excellent wide working conditions for staff.

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  • Get out, get dirty and give back

    Mountain Meitheal constructs Andirondack type shelters on the West Coast of Ireland

    August 18th 2014

    Mountain Meitheal is a volunteer group who undertake projects to protect and to conserve mountain and forest areas in Ireland. Founded in 2002, Mountain Meitheal operates from February to November on path maintenance and repair.

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  • Eco touristic development of endangered fish species and aquaculture biodiversity in Ifrane National Parks and High Oriental Atlas

    How ecotourism supports aquaculture biodiversity in Ifrane Park, Morocco

    June 12th 2014

    The Moroccan Association for Ecotourism and Nature Protection has developed a fish tourism program promoting the local aquaculture biodiversity and the preservation of water resources of Middle Atlas.

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  • Educating young scouts on Leave No Trace principles

    International Scouting Centre promotes "Leave No Trace" hiking in Swiss mountains

    June 2nd 2014

    Kandersteg International Scout Centre organises every year hiking trips for young people focusing on ecology and sustainable mountaineering practices.

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