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UIAA Mountain Protection Award 2016

UIAA Mountain Protection Award 2016 award is open now for selection until 30 June.

Submit your application now.

For more information read our overview, objectives and requirements in how does it work.

How can we preserve and protect our precious mountain ecosystems and cultures in the 21st century?
By promoting responsible mountain tourism and supporting key stakeholders active in mountain protection.

The UIAA Mountain Protection Award is two-fold:

  • It serves as a crowdsourcing platform, whereby showcased initiatives can solicit funds and be promoted through this site as well as through the UIAA federations’ network (www.theuiaa.org).
  • It promotes international recognition via its annual Prize award for the best initiative. The Award winner receives a Prize in the form of a cash grant and is invited to present its activities at the UIAA General Assembly.

The 2015 UIAA Mountain Protection Award Winner was selected!

Read more on the 2015 award page.

Projects in 2016

  • Conservation and Development Initiative in Khaptad National Park

    Biodiversity-oriented local tourism in Khaptad National Park

    June 7th 2016

    Nepalese Tourism Development Society develops trekking routes and local opportunities while raising better understanding of biodiversity richness of national protected area.

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  • Concrete actions to reduce waste by mountain practitioners, the LIMO project in Azerbaijan

    Less in More Out garbage policy in Azerbaijan’s mountains

    June 7th 2016

    Mountaineering Federation FAIREX has started since 2013 concrete actions to sensitize and involve alpinists and trekkers to reduce and remove their waste.

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  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge of Brown Bear as a Conservation Tool in the Rodopi Mountains

    Using local traditional ecological knowledge in Rodopi Mountains

    June 7th 2016

    Organisation Wild Rodopi uses an ethno-biological approach to set up a bear conservation project to collect data and build a sustainable bear-focused ecotourism project.

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  • Obsolete facilities removal organised by Mountain Wilderness France

    Obsolete facilities project in French-Italian National Parks

    May 14th 2016

    Removing cables and war remnants to restore natural habitat and protect endangered species, the pioneer action of Mountain Wilderness France.

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  • Increasing comprehensive knowledge about mountain issues, the initiative proposed by the Mountaineering and Sport climbing Federation of Iran

    An example of Environment Course for Mountaineers, Iran

    May 14th 2016

    Mountaineering and Sport climbing Federation of Iran organizes each year a one day course about environment issues and efficient protection.

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  • Chi Phat Community-Based Ecotourism in the Cardamom Mountain Range, Cambodia

    Preserving Cardamom Mountains in Cambodia

    May 14th 2016

    Chi Phat Community-Based Ecotourism has succeeded developing a holistic model of forest protection, reforestation, alternative livelihoods, wildlife re-wildling, and conservation education.

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  • Mount Kenya Trust is engaged against illegal activities and in increasing awareness and conservation education within the local communities

    Wildlife and Awareness on Mount Kenya

    May 12th 2016

    Mount Kenya Trust prevents snaring and poaching and is active in training about protection of fauna and flora of Mount Kenya area.

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  • Lobbying for the preservation of the Nilgiri mountains’ biodiversity and cultural heritage

    Save Nilgiris Campaign and Historical Museum

    May 12th 2016

    A dedicated mission to raise awareness and knowledge and advocate for protecting the natural and cultural heritage of the Nilgiri mountains and its people.

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